Chinese English Dictionary - Simplified App yorumlar

Not so good

It did not what the description says.

Can't really recommend it

I had high hopes for this app - I've been looking for something that could take pinyin or characters and tell me what they mean. After a week or two of usage, however, I've decided this app just doesn't quite do the job. For individual characters, this app does well enough and gives you the pinyin and meaning, which is nice, but enter multi-character words, and the success rate for finding the word drops to maybe 40-50% or so. Finicky searching, a crude interface, and weird result ordering (often what I'm looking for is a page or two down, while all the stuff above it seems unrelated), just make it a bit too exasperating for my tastes. I realise much of this is because the dictionary on which the app is based is limited, but for $5 I had expected a bit better.

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